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The picture on the front cover of the album is a watercolour by Arnold Daghani, painted while inside the Mikhailowka forced labour camp, 1 January 1943. It is dedicated to his wife, Nanino, wishing her a Happy New Year. The picture on the back cover of the CD booklet is by Ralph Freeman, entitled Rosina & Carlos IV (1940). The photograph on the middle pages of the CD booklet is by Donald Woodman and depicts the view of ramp at Birkenau where selections took place.

Arnold Daghani came from a German-speaking Jewish family in Suczawa, Bukovina, now Suceava in Romania. He died in 1985 in Hove, UK. In 1987, a substantial collection of around 6,000 of his works including drawings, paintings, collages, folios, sketchbooks and albums were given to the University of Sussex, entering the archives of the Centre for German-Jewish Studies in 1997. His many drawings and writings document his experiences in the Mikhailowka forced labour camp in 1942-43, from where he and his wife escaped only a few months before the camp was liquidated by the Nazis. Characteristic of Daghani's work is a selection and presentation of words and images, but often without overt comment. As he wrote, "I have preferred setting out the facts to interpreting them. I have provided plenty of nails. May others hammer them in." The Centre for German-Jewish Studies has earned international acclaim for its study of German-Jewish social, cultural and political history. The Centre's main aim is to investigate the contribution of German-speaking Jewish communities to modern European civilisation.

Ralph Freeman was born in London in 1945. His Jewish parents escaped Hitler's Germany between the Nuremburg racial laws of 1938 and the outbreak of World War Two. After studying at St Martin's and Harrow Schools of Art, Freeman worked as a jazz pianist, artist and designer in London, Hamburg and Frankfurt and now lives in St Ives. Rosina & Carlos IV (1940) - mixed media on canvas, is taken from the exhibition, Foundations and Fragments. This ongoing series of collages uses private ephemera that belonged to the artist's family and links them to their experience of war and life as persecuted people. The work is grounded in the story of European Jewry in the period of the Third Reich, but related to how racism continues to transform innocent people into refugees.

Donald Woodman was the main photographer on The Holocaust Project, an exhibition and book by one of America's leading artists, Judy Chicago. His photographs of concentration camps today are overwhelmingly sad and evocative.


The icons and artwork at the top are based on the work by great UK artist, Ralph Freeman from the work, Rosina & Carlos IV (1940) - 1997 mixed media on canvas.

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